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Sometimes being listened to is all you need


What you can expect....

A person-centred counselling and well-being service offering a private space for individuals or couples, with an experienced therapist. A talking therapy focused on you and your unique needs and concerns.

A safe and confidential space for you to talk, during those times when life has become difficult or when it's hard to know where to go next and what direction to take. Finding someone to talk to who listens and understands you can be the first step of the journey towards positive change


My focus is on you...

As you travel through the journey of life, you may come across difficulties that block you from being able to move forward. I am here to help you release those difficulties and to work with you to get back on the path towards a more fulfilling life.   

I provide a type of talking therapy that is centred around you. You are the only expert in your world of thoughts, feelings and experiences so I am guided by you and will work with you to achieve your goals.


How I work with you

I believe you hold the answers to your questions within yourself, and I am dedicated to working with you to help you find your own solutions.   

I am experienced with many common life problems through my work with children, young people, adults and older adults in a variety of settings. Person-centred counselling works with you, the person, not with a specific diagnosis or label. This means that I understand that you are an individual, with unique experiences and perspectives, so I don't make assumptions or judgements about you, or tell you how you should live your life. 

What I will do is actively listen to you to understand your life from your view point so that together we can help you to work out how to come to your own conclusions about the best way forward for you.  


  • 50 minute sessions 
  • Weekly, or as agreed
  • Individuals; £40.00 per session 
  • Couples; £60.00 per session 
  • Discounts available to counselling students
  • Counselling room is on the ground floor, accessed across a gravel path
  • Open ended therapy which means you choose the amount of sessions you have

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