There is no stronger evidence that counselling changes lives than those whose lives have been turned around by counselling:




"Sue offers a welcoming non-judgemental and safe environment which allowed me to explore and comfortably discuss experiences and memories that have troubled me. Sue has helped me to understand and find who I am as a person and helped me to enjoy life again." 



"I was made to feel at ease in comfortable surroundings and at no point did I feel judged which I was nervous about. I would highly recommend Susan Powell. She was very friendly and knowledgeable, and overall I found it a very helpful experience"



"I can't thank you enough for how much you have helped me. You were there when I needed help and you guided me to such an amazing place. When I came to you I wanted help with a particular issue but I feel as though my recovery has gone so much further than this"



"I was going through some big changes in my life, so my anxiety was rearing its head. I found that you were able to help me to understand these feelings much better and deal with them like I wasn't able to before. I cannot thank you enough for making me feel so much happier!"



From the mother of a 15 year old client:

Once again I find myself listening to G telling me you saved her life. I think it’s important you know the HUGE impact you have had on her life and that she keeps referring to you helping her turn her life around.  

Thank you Sue. I will always be grateful.    


 A 13 year old client:


I would just like to say thank you! You have helped me more than anyone and I appreciate everything you have done. I am truly grateful and words cannot express how thankful I am, I am finally starting to realise that I am special, even if I’m not special to anyone else. I am special to myself and that’s all that matters. You have helped me realise who I really am by going into greater depth. I have learned to love myself and that everything is okay”



“When I first came to see you I really couldn’t see a way out of my predicament. When we met you encouraged me to talk through how I was feeling and why I was feeling that way. I had bottled up so many anxieties and didn’t want to let my partner know how I was feeling, Talking it through made me realise I wasn’t imagining the feelings or the thoughts, that I was allowed to feel that way  and that there was no stigma in feeling like that

The meetings also allowed to me look at things from a different perspective, to see that there was a way around the feelings I was having and to become stronger in myself. In time the anxiety reduced and I knew that I  was better prepared to deal with my relationship and myself, not be afraid to express how I was feeling and to say what I wanted from our relationship.

Over time the relationship has improved and I find that we are talking as a couple again, making decisions together, letting each other know how we feel. We are more conscious of each others feelings and are taking the time to listen and be there for each other.

I would definitely recommend anyone to come and see you"